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elcome to Boston Holistic Healing Center, place where you will find answers, ideas and feedback that is natural-health and alternative-medicine focused. At the Center I offer my clients a total Holistic lifestyle approach. It combines my personal Energy Healing abilities with an advanced Nutrition / supplements and weight management system, Meditation (including mind and body relaxation as well as meditative breathing) and Reiki. This distinctive combination allows clients of Boston Holistic Healing Center to achieve painless, optimal physical health, emotional/psychological balance, as well as happiness and longevity.



Chronicle on WCVB Channel 5 - Interview with Ludmila Slavin owner of Boston Holistic Healing Center.



Post-Surgery Interview with Plastic Surgeon Dr. Joseph Russo, MD, alongside with a Boston Holistic Healing Center client.



Furthermore, I empower my clients by offering Reiki classes for adults and kids, Chakra classes and Meditation groups. Specializing in combining Energy Healing, Reiki, Chakra balancing, Intuitive Counseling and Holistic Nutrition to change one life at the time.

Poor physical health can cause poor mental health and vice versa. When we look at our health we should look at the concept of body, mind and spirit as a whole in which all of the elements are connected and in which each feature affects the other.

Health is an ongoing discovery process of how to integrate your entire being into achieving the utmost in wellness. It’s all too often we do not recognize the importance of our health – both physical and mental – until we get an ache, a chronic condition or become awfully stressed out. Then and only then we will try to cope with the issue and if nothing works, we turn for a help from a medical professional. The bottom line is, in order to be in the best shape both physically and mentally, we need to be proactive to either staying healthy or getting back in shape. Preventive care is very effective, being proactive means more than taking the initiative. It means that we, by and large, are responsible for our own lives and the choices that we make.

… Before I began my treatments with Ludmila, I was always run down, my body ached, and I was running on empty… Ludmila’s depth of knowledge has provided me with an armamentarium of approaches to achieving very personal goals whether it is cleansing my body of toxins or facing life altering experiences. Ludmila provides an oasis from the crush of everyday life, where I am free to contemplate and nurture myself. She has been a blessing to me. 
Joanna (physician)

To learn more or set up on appointment contact Ludmila today.


Read more on center's services in this brochure (PDF) or visit my blog.

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Ludmila Slavin, the owner of the center, offers a variety of holistic modalities such as Energy Healing, Nutrition and Wellness Program, Reiki. Ludmila feels privileged to help you to achieve your personal health goals!


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