Energy Healing

Holistic and Energy Healing with Ludmila Slavin



s a part of the holistic healing approach, Energy Healing is an ability of a healer to channel pure universal energy, assisting the client's body in healing itself and restoring its natural balance. Energy Healing is a non denominational method of healing and will occur regardless of the client's religious beliefs.


Ludmila combines her natural abilities with the deep knowledge of various energy healing techniques and years of experience to provide her clients with alleviation and often elimination of physical and emotional elements; her spiritual guidance has helped many to find their path in life. Energy healing can be instrumental not only in helping people with various chronic diseases but also with weight management. Ludmila sees a person as a whole, and therefore addresses weight management and other conditions from different angles including, but not limited to, state of mind and food - body connection.

… I’ve been suffering with undiagnosed intense, persistent muscular pain for years, tried different conventional treatments, consuming more than a dozen painkillers a day! When I came to see Ludmila I was on my lowest level of energy, feeling miserable and depressed, lost in a lot of pain… both physically and emotionally. After the third encounter I couldn’t believe the improvement and now I am pain free, looking forward to the future! Ludmila saved my life.  

To learn more or set up on appointment contact Ludmila today. Visit my blog for tips on healthy living and delicious recipes.

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