Holistic Healing

What is Holistic Healing?



olistic Healing begins when one recognizes that illness is a function of the whole person. It is not just an isolated event or an isolated symptom, without a cause. Poor health is a result of your hidden patterns of inertia, stressors and negative thoughts. These poor habits are reflected in one's body.


Holistic Healing is a lifestyle approach, a mindset that focuses not only on the physical self but on the relation of the self to everything that surrounds it. Through Holistic Healing the individual takes on a journey of self discovery, better living, healthier and more wholesome being. Holistic Healing may include Energy Healing, Reiki, Nutrition Program, Meditation and other forms of healing.


Healing with Ludmila Slavin, CRM/T, CMF, CHNC

Ludmila is a naturally gifted energy healer and alternative medicine practitioner. She is a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher (CRM/T), Certified Meditation Facilitator (CMF), Certified Holistic Nutrition Counselor, Member of American Association of Drugless Practitioners. For over ten years Ludmila has been helping people heal physical ailments and emotional pain as well as providing maintenance plan for those who just want to stay healthy.


What can sessions with Ludmila do for me?

Throughout her practice, Ludmila has helped people with diagnosed and undiagnosed physical pains, chronic conditions, such as gout and migraine headaches, to name a few, stress management, anxieties, surgical prep and recovery, support during pregnancy and childbirth, weight management, sugar and other cravings, lack of energy , women’s health and much more.

I had been suffering from low back pain for weeks as a result of improper lifting while gardening when Luda saw me resting for a bit and offered to help me. Frankly, I thought the whole thing would just be a big joke when she explained the Holistic Healing to me but I didn't want to hurt her feelings by telling her that. So I told her to go ahead. She stood behind me for about 20 minutes as I sat with the sun on my face, eyes closed. I'm not sure what she was doing as she never laid a hand on me. After she was done I felt very relaxed and comfortable. The pain had eased up. I went back to gardening and amazingly, by the time I stopped almost 2 hours later I felt better than I did before I had started. It is now more than a month later and not only have I been able to continue with the gardening work even to this very day but the pain stopped completely and has never returned. She's got the magic going on, no doubt.
Clifford S.

To learn more or set up on appointment contact Ludmila today. Visit my blog for tips on healthy living and delicious recipes.

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