Holistic Nutrition

What exactly is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic Nutrition program with Ludmila Slavin


n today’s stressful, depleted, “always on the go” environment, food we eat can rejuvenate and energize us or have a very negative toxic effect.


Holistic Nutrition integrates common knowledge about food being a powerhouse of energy with an understanding of it as an abundant source of healing properties based on our individual needs. It offers a wealth of worldwide knowledge about the richness of different health foods and an insight on how to utilize its balancing, energizing and other healing properties.


Consequently, my Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Program allows clients to attain optimum physical health, emotional balance and longevity. As a Certified Holistic Nutrition Counselor and a Holistic Practitioner I dedicate myself to my clients’ health and overall well-being. Above all I want my clients to grow strong in body mind and spirit!

I highly recommend Ludmila and Boston Holistic Healing. After suffering many years with terrible headaches and traveling all the usual medical avenues, I decided to try a holistic approach to my pain. Headaches were a way of life for me as were the medications I took which never seemed to help. After a few sessions with Ludmila, the results were dramatic. I would wake up each day expecting a headache to develope but they didn't come. Just amazing!! The sessions were extremely relaxing and I left each one full of energy. The results I saw have now been long lasting. Thank you.  Larry Levin, D.M.D.

Holistic Health Coaching

Nutrition and Wellness program


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