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Clear your mind in a group meditation with Ludmila Slavin


e all deal with everyday stresses - juggling between work, personal life, being active in the community, who has the time to take out for self-composure? It feels amazing to be physically relaxed after a weekend or a vacation, however our minds rarely take a break. Are you ready to learn how to relax your mind, banish negative thoughts and live a happy positive life?


Welcome to the world of meditation. Numerous scientific researches have shown that practicing meditation has significant benefits for many health conditions, including high blood pressure, heart disease, insomnia, and chronic pain. Research also has shown significant improvements in mental health, memory, concentration, and productivity. Clear your mind of all the everyday chaos, and fill it will positive thoughts, learn to relax not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.


Practicing meditation in a group setting can be rewarding in many different ways. One of them is the scientifically supported idea, that meditation group - meditation with other people - is a powerful force. Also, participating in a meditation group may help you to decrease respiratory rate, slow the heart rate, stabilize blood pressure, reduce anxiety attacks, etc.


By joining Ludmila's meditation group you’ll be able to benefit from guidance of an experienced meditation facilitator, draw from other people’s meditation experiences and, as a result, create a more meaningful and enjoyable meditation journey for yourself.


Ludmila's meditation groups not religion based and require no prior experience; they are ongoing events and run on a biweekly basis. Morning and evening meditation groups are available in English and Russian.


I feel that with every meditation group session it is easier for me to meditate and relax. After each meeting a feel pleasant relaxation and happy thoughts… I’d like to comment on Ludmila’s professionalism and comforting voice as well as relaxing atmosphere in the room.
Diana (teacher)



Meditation group will meet biweekly and is consists of four classes per session.




For dates and prices contact Ludmila Slavin, Certified Meditation Group Facilitator. Visit my blog for tips on healthy living and delicious recipes.

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