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eiki is non religious based energy healing technique that promotes stress reduction, relaxation and healing. It involves gentle placement of the practitioner’s hands on the client’s fully dressed body and conduction of pure Reiki energy to the client.


Who can learn Reiki and why do it?

Reiki is easily learned and practiced as self-care by anyone who is interested, regardless of the age and state of health. From children to the elderly, anyone can learn to practice Reiki. No special background or credentials are needed to receive training. One of the trademarks of Reiki practice is its simplicity. Generally offered in group class formats, it doesn't require knowledge of either subtle bioenergy or healthcare.


Ludmila usually tells her clients that at least one person in the family should know Reiki; keep it at home, just as you would keep your first aid kit. With the help of Reiki adults and children alike can promote healing in themselves and others, assist in the relief of stress, headaches as well as other physical and emotional ailments. You can treat your family members, pets, plants and so on. Just imagine how this beautiful energy healing technique could enhance your life and the lives of your loved ones!

If you need help, this is the place to go. I found Ludmilla at Boston Holistic Healing on Google. I was desperate, horribly injured, in terrible pain, lost between specialists in the medical system, etc. There was visible improvement after the first treatment and continuing improvement ever since. Ludmilla's priority is always the well-being of her client. Thanks to Ludmilla's intelligent and educated approach to healing, I am on the road to recovery.
ellen b.


Ludmila is a Reiki Master/Teacher and offers private Reiki sessions, Reiki Circles, Reiki classes for adults and Reiki for Kids.



To learn more or set up on appointment contact Ludmila today. Visit my blog for tips on healthy living and delicious recipes.

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